livelovemcfly's Journal

I currently live in Canada, but i'm moving to texas in about 3 weeks
im told i am very smart, i just say the dumbest things :P
im also the clumsiest of my friends and i am constantly tripping, falling, or hurting myself.
i do dance, theater, watershiing, slalom, and wakeskating
i love dance i have been taking ballet lessons since i was 2 or 3 and i have done jazz since i was 4, i also used to do tap, and acro, but now i only do ballet, and jazz/hip hop.
i also love drama, and i hope i can continue doing it :P
i love reading and i love listening to music, my favourite book is Twilight by Stephenie Meyer, and my favourite author is Tamora Pierce. My favourite bands are McFly, Boys like Girls, and Faber Drive. there are also a lot of other bands i like but those are my top 3 :)
ummmmmmmmmmmmm .... cant think of any more things.... :P